Skin tags and Moles

Skin Tags:

Also called as Acrochordons, are small, soft, skin coloured, out-growths that hang out of the skin and are connected to the skin through a stalk. They are:

  • Harmless
  • Painless
  • Non- contagious
  • Usually associated or show increased occurrences in obese individuals and pregnant ladies.

Though they can occur any where on the body, some of the common sites are: underarms, neck, chest and groin

Usually they are silent lesions and are of cosmetic concern only. But, with continuous friction and twisting, they can bleed and get infected. Twisting can also lead to necrosis of the tissue or fall off of the tags.

It is advisable to get of the skin tags, especially those on the flexural areas.

Skin tags are treated with simple radio-frequency cautery method. It can be done without anaesthesia or under local / topical anaesthesia to reduce the discomfort.

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Also called as Nevi, are small skin coloured, brown or black coloured lesions that are present since birth or can develop later on in life. Regular moles are symmetrical, uniform in colour, small to medium sized and have regular borders. They are:

  • Painless
  • Non-contagious
  • Some moles are associated with hair on them
  • Sometimes increases with sun exposure and in pregnant ladies

Moles can occur anywhere on the body in different sizes and shapes.

one should always have a close check on their moles to see for any changes on them like increase in the size of moles, itchy moles.( Especially people with many moles, more than 15-20 in number and those who are genetically predisposed to melanomas)

Melanomas are cancerous moles. The ABCs of melanomas are:

  • A — Asymmetrical
  • B — Irregular Borders
  • C — Multiple Colours
  • D — Diameter bigger than a regular moles
  • E — Evolving, changing.

Consult your dermatologist and have a mole check if suspicious about your moles.


  • Radio-frequency cautery is a simple and effective way of treating small, raised moles.
  • Surgical excision can also done especially for large moles
  • Laser mole removal is frequently asked by patients but it is not a good option for mole removal. Radio-frequency cautery is often  misquoted as laser removal by some for easy communication with the patients.

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