Stretch Marks

What are Stretch marks?

Stretch marks are caused when the dermis of the skin cannot produce enough collagen to keep up with the rate of growth or weight gain. They look like scars with a slight off-set colouring, first appearing as red/pink lines and gradually fading to a lighter colouring. Stretch marks will fade over time but prompt treatment helps contain the intensity of the scarring.

Our approach to treat stretch marks

Stretch marks cannot be treated completely; they either fade with time or can be faded to a lesser intensity using laser therapy. At DNA Skin Clinic, we help our patrons identify and address any scarring issues after a detailed analysis of skin type. Here are some of the treatments we offer at DNA Skin Clinic:

Topical Cures: For patients with minor scarring, we usually prefer a non-invasive treatment for scars and stretch marks. These cures can include creams, oils, and ointments that suit the patient’s needs.

Dermaroller with PRP: Collagen production is extremely important for effective treatment of scars. Dermaroller therapy with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) helps create micro-punctures on your skin that not only heal immediately but also stimulate your skin cells to produce more collagen.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation: Ideal for curing mild to acute scarring, laser skin rejuvenation promotes collagen synthesis via laser resurfacing.

Fractional Laser Therapy: This is a non-intrusive laser therapy that uses a non-ablative laser to treat scarring in selected areas alone. RF Fractional laser treatment is perfect for mild to severe treatment of scars and stretch marks.

Micro Needling Radio Frequency: From skin rejuvenation to improving skin laxity, micro needling RF therapy helps treat acute skin damage caused by stretch marks. Combining micro needling therapy with PRP further promotes collagen stimulation and faster recovery.

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