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Fitness counseling

Fitness counseling

Fitness counseling is done by a fitness trainer or instructor. The fitness trainer is a trained professional who advises clients on exercise and other wellness topics and helps them achieve their fitness goals.

Fitness counseling often works one-on-one with individuals. The aim of a fitness counselor is to assess your needs and develop a lifestyle strategy that can help you meet fitness goals, like weight loss or muscle gain.


A knowledgeable fitness counselor will do the following for you:
  • Create a customized exercise program.
  • Selecting activities that you enjoy the most.
  • Choose exercises that will keep you challenged
  • Develop a strategy that will help you achieve your fitness goals, like weight loss or muscle gain.
  • A trainer also takes into account medical condition, pregnancy, medications are taken, etc. while creating a program for you.
  • Safe technique: Safety is a priority in fitness training. The personal trainer will teach proper mechanics of each exercise and will ensure that you are doing exercises correctly.
  • Motivation: A personal trainer can also keep you motivated and develop a more positive outlook on exercise.
How will my initial training session be like?
  • The fitness counselor will know you and your dietary habits, fitness goals, etc. through a one to one discussion.
  • A customized program will be developed for you along with valuable tips.
  • Your diet plan will also be given to you before your training sessions begin.
  • The Fitness counselor will ensure that you are following the prescribed routine in exercise and diet.
  • Your exercises begin under the supervision of the fitness counselor




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