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Dark Circles

Dark Circles

Dark circles is a condition where there is increased pigmentation around the eyes.

This can be due to:

  • Genetic / Familial ( Usually affects both upper eyelids and below the eyes and can extend onto the upper cheeks as well).
  • Acquired ( Usually, present below the eyes only).

Causes of Dark Circles

There are a number of contributing factors for causing dark circles. Some of these are:


Extreme fatigue or even staying awake a few hours past normal bedtime can cause dark circles to form under your eyes.


The body releases histamines as a reaction to harmful bacteria or when you have an allergic reaction. The histamines cause the dilation of blood vessels and make them more visible under the skin and thus can trigger dark circles.

Overexposure to Sun

Melanin in the skin is responsible for giving skin its color. When skin gets overexposed to Sunlight, more melanin is produced. This leads to darkening of the skin around your eyes; causing dark circles.


If it is in your genes, you might get dark circles at an early age.


Stress can aggregate dark circles.

Eye strain

Watching any screen like mobile, computer or TV, spectacles for long periods causes significant strain on your eyes. This strain results in enlargement of blood vessels around the eyes. This causes darkening of the skin surrounding the eyes or causes dark circles.


With increasing age, skin becomes thinner and its elasticity is lost because the fat and collagen which maintains its elasticity are on a decline. The dark blood vessels beneath the skin become more visible causing the area below the eyes to appear darker.


Dark circles are also caused by dehydration. Because of insufficient water in the body, the skin looks dull. The skin near the eyes looks sunken, due to the close proximity to the underlying bone; leading to prominent dark circles.

Certain medical conditions

Conditions like anemia, the thyroid can cause dark circles.

Treating Dark circles

Applying Makeup

This method just conceals the dark circles.

Home remedies
  • Get enough sleep:
    This is one of the simplest ways to reduce dark circles.
  • Apply ice cubes:
    Application of cold compress helps shrink dilated blood vessels and reduces swelling. This leads to a reduction in dark circles.
  • Elevating your head as you sleep prevents fluid from pooling under your eyes. Thus the swelling and puffiness are reduced or eliminated.
  • Applying cold tea bags on dark circles:
    Antioxidants and caffeine in the tea helps stimulate blood circulation, shrinks the blood vessels and reduces retention of fluids beneath the dark circles.
    Preparing tea bags: You need to Soak two green or black tea bags in hot water for around five minutes. Then, take them out and chill in the refrigerator for 15 to 20 minutes. Apply the cold tea bags to the closed eyes for 10 to 20 minutes. Remove the tea bags and rinse eyes with cold water.
Medical treatments for Dark circles
The most common treatments for dark circles are as mentioned below:

  • Topicals: Use of depigmenting creams containing Kojic acid, Azelaic acid, etc can help in milder cases.
    Moisturize your tender under eye skin well.
  • Chemical peels: Mandelic, Azelaic acid can help to a certain extent. It requires multiple sessions.
  • Fillers: This helps in reducing the hollow under eyes, stretches the skin and reducing dark circle appearance.
    It is a very effective way of treating hollow dark under eyes.
  • Laser treatments: Certain lasers like switched lasers can help in reducing dark circles. This is done in multiple sessions.



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