DNA Growth Booster

DNA Growth Booster

DNA Growth Booster is a combination of treatments that delivers the benefits of different treatments available for Hair Fall in a single session, that boosts the effect of hair growth in a much more effective way.

It is a combination of the following treatments: 

  • Growth Factor concentrate (GFC)
  • Dermarolling 
  • Mesotherapy 
  • LLLT
  • Microneedling

Areas to be treated:

Scalp area and beard area (in case of scanty beard)

Hair fall control and hair growth booster. 

How often do you get this treatment?  
Once in a month 

Ideal candidates

Any individual who is experiencing hair fall or hair thinning, as a post hair transplantation maintenance, stimulating the hair growth of beard area for scanty beard or alopecia areata are suitable candidates for the procedure. 

After care:

  • Not be exposed in direct sunlight or dust for 4-6 hours. 
  • Wash your hair after keeping it overnight. 
  • Patients are advised to follow the hair care routine recommended by the doctor. 

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