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Skin Brightening and Medi-Facials

What is a Medi-Facial?

Medi-Facial is a facial that involves the use of laser and chemical peels. With this facial, the skin gets soft and supple as it is hydrated. A fresh and healthy look is restored with moisturizing of the skin. The laser machines help in gentle exfoliation of the skin and the brightening serums give the skin a vibrant look.

The Anti-ageing medi-facials are targeted towards tightening of the skin, making it look more youthful and bright.

Medi – facial is a medical grade facial done under the supervision of a medical professional. A trained nurse or a therapist performs the procedure under the guidance of a dermatologist / Cosmetologist.

Benefits of Medi-Facials

Controls bacterial breakouts

Medi-facial like the anti-acne facial eradicates bacteria with the help of LED light. This prevents inflammation of the skin. Another benefit is that the pore size is reduced and oil production stabilizes. These two actions promote new cell growth.

Increased blood circulation and Relaxation

Medi-facial increases blood flow to the skin, revitalizing the same. The relaxation effect is achieved as the pressure gets applied at proper places.


Medi-facials use serum that helps rejuvenate the skin and gives it a youthful appearance.


Stress affects all of the body, including the skin. A Medi-facial done properly by a professional renews the skin from within and can cure any breakouts.

Control pigmentation and helps de – tan:

MediFacials takes care of superficial pigmentation and sun tan.

Types of Medi-facials
  • Collagen facial
  • Hydrating facial
  • Party facial
  • Anti-acne facial
  • Anti-aging facial
  • Skin whitening facial
  • Skin rejuvenation facial
  • Skin glow facial
  • Tan facial
  • Oxy/Jet facial
  • Moisturizing facial
Seasons and facials

Every season affects the skin in a different manner. Based upon the season, facials are to be done. Consult a specialist to know which facial is for your skin and the right one for the season.

Why and who should get a MediFacial done?
Medi – facials help in maintaining the health of the skin. Getting them done at regular intervals like over a month will help in improving the overall quality and health of the skin over a period of time.
Anybody of any age can get MediFacials done.

Ingredients will change depending on

  • Age
  • Lifestyle
  • Skin concerns we are addressing

If you are looking for a simple procedure, to maintain the radiance, health and youthful skin and do not want invasive or expensive procedures, medi – facials are for you.

What does a medifacial include?

Every place that offers a medifacial has a different protocol. At DNA our medical includes:

    1. Cleansing: The skin is cleaned using a solution to clear the dirt oils and unclog the pores.
    2. Microdermabrasion: The superficial dead skin of the skin is taken away with the help of a vacuum assisted suction and abrasion machine. This also helps in clearing whiteheads and blackheads.
    3. Massage: This is multiple steps, wherein different ingredients are used to massage the skin. Ingredients depend on the skin concern we are addressing and the age of the client. Most ingredients are natural and prepared fresh at DNA.
    4. Product infusion/electroporation: Certain products are infused into the skin using a technique called electroporation. This helps in sending the products deep into the skin and ceiling the pores to retain the products inside thereby, we can achieve maximum benefits of the products.
    5. Laser light treatment: This is an optional step, not a mandatory part of all medi – facials.
    6. Mask: A mask is applied as the final step which again is led with important ingredients that will nourish your skin. There are various masks available with different ingredients. The type of mask will be decided by the doctor.



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