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Laser hair removal is a permanent hair removal method that makes use of laser beams to attack the hair roots and kill them permanently.

Who can get this done?
Anyone who wants to get rid of excess, unwanted hair from the body can get this procedure done. Initial consultation with the doctor is required to rule out any medical concerns that can interfere with the procedure.

Why should I get this done when there are other hair removal methods?
Because, this method is a permanant solution with absolutely no side effects. While other convetional methods like waxing, tweezing, shaving and epilating are temporary, needs continious maintanance, may not always be convenient. Also, in many sensitive skin people, hot wax can leave your skin with rashes and pigmentation. So, here’s all you need to know about laser hair removal:

Factors on which laser hair removal depends:
The treatment depends upon 3 factors: skin color, hair color and hair thickness. Thicker and darker hair have better results compared to finer hair.

How many sessions are needed for permanent results?
Most people going through this treatment will require atleast 4-6 sessions. (depending on hair thickness and the the area being treated.) as to attain permanent hair loss. In order to have lesser density hair and not complete hair removal, 2-3 sessions are required. The duration between each session keeps increasing with each passing session, as the hair growth is slowed down. Typically 30 -45 days gap is given between each session.

Do’s and Dont’s before the procedure:
Avoid waxing/ threading/shaving/bleaching or electrolysis at least four-six weeks before the treatment. Since the laser beam affects the hair roots, it is best to have them grown out so that the procedure is more effective. Also, the settings of laser depends on the hair color and thickness. So every session, doctor takes a look at the hair growth and decides on the energy to be delivered.

Keep your skin moisturised. It eases the trimming process and avoids minor abrasions.

How is it done?
Trimming: Before the procedure actually starts, the hair will require trimming. Trimming will be done at the clinic.
Settings: laser energy settings are decided by the doctor after examining the hair growth prior to trimming.
Protection: Before the laser pulses are administered, the therapist and the client will need to wear eye protection. The site of hair removal is protected with a cooling gel (during some laser sessions). Also, a test pulse will be administered on to a small patch first, in order to see the tolerance.
post-procedure: Aftere the procedure, the area is cleaned and icing is done as and when required. A post procedure cream is applied on the treated area.
application of a sunscreen on the treated areas that are exposed is recommended and post procedure cream is advised to be continued twice daily for 5-6 days.

Is it painful?

How long does each session take?
It depends on the area we are treating. upper lip take sabout 5 mins and larger body parts like legs can take about 30-40 mins.

Do I have to follow any after care?
We advise you to follow the post procedure care tips, like no immediate hot water showers, sun protection etc that we give during counselling depending on the area we treat for 1-2 days after the session. Its a hassle free procedure otherwise.

Are there any side effects like pigmentation and burning?
No. pigmentation and burns happens when too high energies are used or done in a faulty manner. Which is why one needs to choose a right place and the right doctor.

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