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Hair and pregnancy

Hair and pregnancy

Due to hormonal changes, the growth phase of hair is prolonged which makes it grow faster and thicker.

After delivery, however, once the hormone levels get back to normal, the normal hair cycle pattern resumes and hair shedding is observed as before. The follicles that were retained throughout the pregnancy phase also start to shed, which is why one feels there is increased hair fall.

Apart from this, other causes of hair fall during this phase are:
• Postpartum stress
• Sleeplessness
• Mother usually starts neglecting her own health looking after the baby. One who has been careful throughout the pregnancy with a nutritious diet stops taking food on time, cuts of from all the supplements thus depriving the body of nourishment.

Postpartum hair care:

• The most important thing one needs to keep in mind is that this is a temporary phase and one should not be obsessed and stress too much about the hair fall as stress will only increase it.
• Take nutritious food on time and care for yourself as much as you care for the baby.
• Try to get as much sleep as you can.
• Do not use too many hair products for hair growth or to reduce hair fall, as they can cause more harm than good. Please consult a dermatologist if you wish to get treated and use products and supplements as recommended.

Stay healthy! Stay happy!