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Intravenous (IV) therapy is a procedure of delivering nutrients in the bloodstream directly through veins. "Intra" means inside, and "venous" means veins, and together, they make Intravenous, commonly known as IV. 

IV infusion is the fastest way to deliver water, nutrients, or medications to the body with the help of the circulatory system. When nutrients go through our digestive system, our body can absorb only 70-80% of goodness, but when it goes directly into the bloodstream through veins, our body gets 100% benefits or the rich nutrients.


IV therapy is a concept that has been introduced previously. It actually has a vibrant history that dates back to over a century. Early experiments involved injecting drugs and fluids directly into veins but had meager success rates due to lack of proper equipment and understanding of aseptic technique. With advancements in medical knowledge in the early 20th century, such as the development of rubber tubing and plastic IV bags, IV Therapies became safer and more accessible, and they continue to do so with new medical developments every day.

Types of IV Infusions

IV Drip

IV drips are administered using a special pump, which delivers fluids over up to 60 minutes. Patients can relax while an IV solution, rich in nutrients, is directly infused into their bloodstream through a needle in the arm. The fluid flows from a bag through a tube connected to the needle.


IV Push

An IV Push is a quick procedure, taking just 10-15 minutes. Around 60ml of fluids are injected directly into a patient's vein to treat issues like dehydration, blood loss prevention, improved oxygen levels, and reduced swelling.

The key differences between IV Drip and IV Push are treatment duration and fluid volume. IV Push lasts for about 4 hours, making it suitable for short-term needs like post-surgery recovery, while an IV drip continues for around 24-36 hours for long-term use. An IV drip delivers a much larger volume of liquid than an IV Push.

Benefits of IV Infusions

IV Infusions directly deliver vitamins and other nutrients into our bloodstream, bypassing the digestive tract. This means NO WAIT TIME FOR HEALTH AND WELLNESS. Below are some of the important benefits of IV Infusions that you should know.

  • Addressing our nutrient deficiencies

IV therapies can help anyone with nutrient deficiencies by directly providing the bloodstream with all the important nutrients. It has also proven very beneficial in diseases like Crohn's disease, Celiac disease, Colon cancer, Short bowel syndrome, Cystic fibrosis, etc, where getting all the nutrients is challenging.

  • Alleviating hangover symptoms

Had too much to drink last night, and now being hungover is killing you? IV Infusions can help you the best in this. IV Fluids help fight common hangover symptoms like dehydration, headache, muscle ache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, excessive thirst, or stomach pain and save you from poor job performance and conflict at work.


  • Promoting weight loss

IV infusions can greatly affect your weight loss journey. There are multiple IV Fluid options that, along with good food habits and regular exercise, can help you lose weight faster. Not only does this help give your body more immediate results, but it also helps eliminate fatigue and tiredness.


  • Giving an energy boost

With the help of regular IV Therapies, you can fully eliminate the need for coffee, tea, soda, or other caffeinated drinks that usually flood your bloodstream with unnecessary sugar. These drinks promise to pump energy, but they only give us high sugars. Nutrients like amino acids can give you an instant boost of energy without any craving for caffeinated drinks.

  • Enhancing our mood and lowering anxiety

Electrolytes such as Magnesium sulfate help calm our nerves and feelings of anxiety. It also promotes a good night's sleep, relaxes your muscles, supports immune function, and prevents migraines and headaches, eventually resulting in a better mood.


  • Promoting Cardiovascular Health

IV fluids like Calcium, tri-amino, Arginine, Magnesium sulfate, etc., relax your blood vessels, promoting lower blood pressure and a smooth running cardiovascular system.

  • Cleansing the body of toxins and free radicals

Antioxidants and IV Therapies such as Vitamin C, Glutathione, Alpha-lipoic acid, etc., keep a check on our body and cleanse it of toxins and free radicals, which otherwise can damage our essential cells and DNA and promote aging.

Process of IV Infusions

The process of IV Infusions may seem very straightforward, but in reality, many factors are responsible for providing a safe and productive session. Before the treatment, the doctor will go through all of your medical records, and a blood test will be done to check the right amounts of vitamins needed to be infused into your body. After the tests, you can discuss the types of IV Therapies you can take, and your doctor will suggest the best one for you. Your weight, age, and medical needs play an essential role in deciding the right kind of IV Infusion for you.

After the consultation, the injection area will be disinfected. It is usually inside the elbow or top of the hand. Your doctor will examine your veins to find the perfect insertion point. A small, thin plastic tube called a catheter will be pinched in the vein with the help of a sterile needle. Numbing cream may be used to minimize any discomfort. Once the catheter is in the right place, it is attached to a longer tube that goes into a bag of fluid filled with wellness. This process can take anywhere from 15-45 minutes, depending on the type of Therapy and dosage.

You have to sit back and relax during your session. You can complete that last episode of your favorite web series, read a magazine, or take a quick nap!

What goes in it?

Each IV Therapy will have different ingredients in it depending on the need. Some will come with electrolytes and salts, while others contain sugar, vitamins, and antioxidants. Listed below are the most common ingredients used in an IV Infusion.


  • Electrolytes play an essential role in maintaining our body's hydration. Not only this, it oversees the body's nervous and muscular system and regulates healthy blood flow. IV Infusion with electrolytes such as Sodium, potassium, calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium, chloride, and phosphate keeps our body hydrated and healthy.

  • Saline is a solution of salt and water, the most common type of IV Fluid. It is a rich source of Sodium and helps fight dehydration and hangovers.

  • Vitamins and antioxidants are a crucial part of our body, and lack of these can weaken our immune system. Vitamin-infused IV Fluids can boost energy, strengthen our immune system, and give a glow to our face.


Will IV infusion work for me?

IV Infusions are helpful for everyone. You should check with your doctor beforehand to understand what drip you need. Bloodwork and other tests will help your doctor determine whether an IV infusion will help you achieve your goal.

People with kidney disease or heart conditions should avoid IV Therapies(if not advised by a doctor) as the organs may not be able to process high concentrations of vitamins at one time, and it can tamper the electrolyte balance in the body.

Are IV Infusions painful?

No, IV Infusions are not painful at all. If you have a tolerance for injections, you're good to go! If you're not a big fan of injections, a numbing cream can be applied to the area before injecting it with the catheter to minimize any discomfort or pain. It's a happy drip feeding you with freshness, health, and wellness.

What are the potential risks involved with IV Infusions?

The balanced high-purity mixture of various therapeutic ingredients used in IV Therapy can make you feel better quickly, but it also comes with some risks and side effects. If untrained or unskilled hands do not administer this process correctly, one might end up with various health issues listed below.

  • Collapsed Veins

  • Air Embolism or extra air in the veins

  • Phlebitis, commonly known as swollen veins

  • Infections

  • Fluid Overloads

  • Hematoma

Can you do IV therapy at home?

You might find some "At Home" or "Self" IV Therapies in the market, but they're not advised to use at all. IV Infusion might sound like a simple process of just injecting yourself with a fluid, but it is much more than that. A lot goes behind the scenes, beginning with choosing the suitable fluid according to your health needs that an expert can only determine after going through your bloodwork. At-home IV Therapies can leave you with infections and complications. It is better to undergo IV therapy only with trained medical professionals. 

If you need more information, you can always consult our team. We will be super happy to get you the wellness that you deserve.

How long does the IV Infusion process take?

IV Infusion process can take 15 to 45 minutes, depending on what kind of ingredients you have and what dosage you'll be taking. Your doctor will be able to give you a clearer understanding of the whole process and the time it will take.

Do we need to do anything before going for IV Therapy?

There are no such preparations for an IV Therapy. It is a simple and quick process that fills your body with rich nutrients and gives you a lift of wellness. However, drinking a lot of water at least 24 hours before the session and on the day of your appointment is advised. Eating something before your session would be best so you can relax better with a full stomach.

Is there any age restriction for IV Infusions?

There are no age restrictions for IV Infusions as it is a wellness drip. IV Drips benefit both young and old, but it is advised to take IV at a young age only if a doctor recommends it. The ideal age would be 18+, but if you're younger and a doctor has advised your IV therapy, we can ask for parental consent

How long does IV Fluid stay in our body?

IV Fluids usually stay 2-4 days in our body, depending on what type of IV Infusion you have taken. As the nutrients are directly infused into the veins, one can get direct access to the vitamins instantly, although you can only start noticing the difference after 12-24 hours. The longevity effect's longevity depends on the type of condition, IV therapy, and dosage. You might need another treatment within a week or after a month.

Is there any recovery time after IV Therapy?

You don't need any recovery time after IV Therapy. It is just a needle stinging you and delivering your body with tons of wellness. In some cases of severe dehydration, one might need to rest, not because of the IV Therapy but because of the underlying health issue. Your body needs some relaxation.

How often should I get IV Therapy?

You can get IV Infusions multiple times as advised by your doctor. You can begin with weekly sessions if you have severe dehydration or any health condition affecting your overall immune system. Once you notice that your nutrient levels are alleviated, you can shift to one session every two weeks and gradually shift to once a month. It is important to maintain a steady schedule to improve your overall wellness.

Is IV Therapy safe?

IV Therapy is a safe process and has become very common nowadays as it has multiple health benefits. But getting too much of something can also become a problem for you, so it is always essential to understand the process before the Therapy. In an improbable situation, one might get infections because of skin puncture caused by the injection, so it is advised to get help from professional hands for this Therapy.
Our team is well experienced with the process and has a good understanding of IV Infusions. If you want a good experience, contact us for our IV infusions today and get the best consultation.

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