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February 10 , 2024

Learn the causes of dark lips, home remedies to treat lip pigmentation, and medical treatments by dermatologists. We have compiled all this information to ditch darken lips.

Did you know? The lip darkening starts whenever the melanin deposits increase in the lip area. However, various other factors lead to lip pigmentation, such as sun exposure, medication, smoking, trauma, etc. Medically, this condition is known as melasma. The condition is different as per the dermatologist, as everyone has a different skin color. However, this condition is mostly noticed in women. But, the dermatologist suggests the condition is treatable. Before jumping on to the dark lips treatment, let's first understand the causes. 

Causes of Dark Lips:

Dark lips have various causes, and they are a part of our daily routine. But, sometimes, they are hidden health issues. 

  • Poor Oral Hygiene - Improper oral hygiene causes darkening of the lips by too much build-up of dead skin cells and bacteria.
  • Excess Caffeine Consumption - Consuming excess coffee or tea makes your lips dark, leading to discoloration.
  • Chewing Tobacco and Smoking - There are chemicals in tobacco products that cause dark lips. There is nicotine in smoking products, which is used in cessation aids.
  • Sun Exposure - Too much exposure to the UV rays causes darkening of lips if you don't follow sun protection or at least apply spf
  • Biting of Lips - Constantly biting or licking lips can also cause discoloration and irritation. This most often results in dark lips and skin conditions. 
  • Hair Removal - Waxing or threading can also cause dark lip pigmentation and skin conditions around the lip region. 
  • Non-Branded Cosmetics - Applying low-quality lip balm or topical creams can cause your lips to darken. 
  • Underlying Medical Conditions - Iron deficiency, eczema, or anemia are also causes that make your lips appear dark. 
  • Less Intake of Water - Not drinking enough water leads to dehydration. It leads to dry lips, making them look dark and chapped. 


No matter whether male or female, dark lips are common amongst everyone these days. Everyone tries to adopt effective treatments at home. But not every natural thing can be applied to lighten dark lips. Now, let's discuss some home remedies to treat dark lips. 


Home Remedies for Dark Lips: 

For lip lightening, try home remedies, which include a gentle exfoliation and many other ways for pink lips: 

  • Sugar Scrub - Create a paste using honey and lemon juice. Apply it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it off. There are natural bleaching agents that help lighten dark lips. 
  • Coconut Oil - There are natural moisturizers in coconut oil that reduce darkening and give lips hydration. Leaving coconut oil on darkened lips overnight reveals the natural color of your lips. 
  • Cucumber Slices - There are natural bleaching agents in cucumber. Placing grated cucumber on your lips for 10-15 minutes works wonders in treating your dark lips. 
  • Lemon Juice - It is a natural citrus fruit with natural bleaching properties. When lemon juice is applied for 10-15 minutes & then rinsed off, it gives beautiful lips. 
  • Beetroot Juice - Applying beetroot juice protects your lips and reduces your chances of applying lipstick in the near future. Beetroot contains natural colorants that give a natural pink shade, just like lip balm. 


Trying to achieve healthy and beautiful lips overnight naturally isn't easy. With time, they can gradually improve lip pigmentation but will require some time to show effective results. You can follow the above natural treatments for dark lips. However, various dark lip treatments are available if you want fast results. 

 Dermatologist Recommended Dark Lips Treatment:

Dark lips dulling your beauty can become a headache. The lip pigmentation treatment by the dermatologist is the way to a rejuvenating smile: 

  • Depigmenting Creams - These creams contain ingredients such as kojic acid, hydroquinone, or corticosteroids that improve dark spots or patches on lips by reducing melanin.
  • Topical Creams - There are topical lip creams available in the market containing hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid or shea butter that are known for keeping lips moisturized and reducing lip darkening. 
  • Laser Treatment - In this treatment, the top layer of the lip skin is removed using laser technology. The laser treatment is done to give birth to new skin cells. This further results in the reduction of lip hyperpigmentation.
  • Chemical Peels - This method of treating dark lips can be caused by applying a solution to the lips to exfoliate the topmost layer of skin. It further makes the lips even colored, making them look brighter. 
  • Dermal Fillers - Get supple lips and plump up by getting the dermal fillers done by the dermatologist near me. This will give a more youthful appearance to your lips. 
  • Mesotherapy - With the help of tiny needles, inject vitamins or serums into your lips. This will rejuvenate and brighten up the color of your lips. 
  • Glutathione Injections - Lighten the dark pigmentation of lips by glutathione injections on the lips. This will improve lip pigmentation from the inside out. 


Winding It Up!

Before thinking of trying lip treatment, make sure to consult with a dermatologist, as every medical treatment comes with a few risks. But which one is the best course? It can be decided based on your dark lip color and the reason behind it. Make sure to understand the treatment recommended. After getting the treatment done, make sure to do a regular follow-up to reduce any side effects.


Can a dermatologist treat dark lips?

Yes, the dermatologist can treat dark lips. By removing the increased melanin deposits from the lip region, the dark lips can be treated. 


What treatment is best for dark lips?

Laser toning is the best treatment for treating dark lips. Using laser heat radiation, the melanin deposits are targeted on the upper lip. The reduced pigmentation is noticed after various sessions. Although, this method is advisable every four weeks.


Can dark lips be removed?

The dark lips can be removed by exfoliating the lips daily to remove dead cells. Dark lips can be treated by using a lip scrub or soft-bristled toothbrush. 


How much does lip treatment cost for dark lips?

The cost of laser lip pigmentation and mesotherapy is between Rs 6500 and Rs 25000. 

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