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Double Chin Treatment in Bangalore

When we look in the mirror, most of us desire a sleek facial profile but end up having excess stubborn fat deposits in the submental space or the region underneath the chin that creates a double chin or submental fullness. Just about everyone who is becoming fat has a double chin as one of their insecurities. But not only fat, the slackening of skin underneath the chin and on the neck or on the jawline can also lead to the appearance of a double chin. 

A double chin poses no health-related risk but its appearance can harm people’s self-esteem and social life, which is why most people turn to their dermatologists to reduce it, if not eliminate it.  At DNA Skin Clinic, Dr. Priyanka Reddy provides the double chin treatment in Bangalore using the best non-surgical treatments and helps one achieve a sculpted jawline as he/ she desires.

Factors that cause Double Chin

There are various reasons behind the appearance of a double chin such as:

  • Recessed jaw.
  • A gain of a few pounds of body weight because of a diet high in processed foods, unhealthy fats, and calories. 
  • Loose or sagging skin of the chin and neck areas as the skin loses its elasticity due to aging.

  • Weak bone structure.
  • Loss of youthful facial contours because of aging.
  • Genetic predisposition i.e. family history of having a double chin (due to extra loose skin or stubborn fat) or little skin elasticity. 
  • Poor posture. This weakens the chin and neck muscles and further leads to loss of elasticity of the surrounding skin.

Non-surgical Treatment Options for Double Chin Reduction

Double chin reduction is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that is specifically designed to combat the problems in skin elasticity or dissolve the undesirable submental fat so that the skin looks more youthful and radiant. Various techniques can be performed to remove or sculpt the double chin. These include fat removal by Kybella injections or tightening of the loose skin by thread lift.

Kybella Injections

Kybella is concentrated deoxycholic acid, a natural bile acid produced by the gallbladder and liver which is secreted into the intestine. It is capable of breaking down the unwanted fat cells in the body. Once the provider injects Kybella in the submental area, the fat cells’ membrane gets disrupted, hence liquefying the fat so that it can be easily absorbed by the body. This treatment is less time taking and has fewer side effects. After receiving these injections, the patient can enjoy the results for many years to come.

To get Kybella injections, the chin is first numbed with a topical anesthetic. Next, the injection sites are marked and followed by the administration of Kybella injections. The overall procedure takes about 15-20 minutes and is associated with minimal discomfort. Patients can apply ice packs on the injection site to alleviate any swelling. In a single session, up to 50 Kybella injections can be inserted under the chin about 1 cm apart from one another

Ideal Candidate for Kybella Injection Treatment

  • Adult men or women over 21 years old who are healthy and non-allergic to the ingredient of Kybella injection. 
  • Non-pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Individuals who have a moderate amount of undesirable fat beneath the chin and those who prefer the non-invasive option to reduce the under-chin fat. 
  • People who are not suffering from conditions like bleeding issues, difficulty swallowing, infections under the chin, and weak facial muscles. 

To know more about Kybella Injections in Bangalore for double chin reduction consult the dermatologists at DNA Skin Clinic.


Thread Lift

It is the minimally-invasive approach to address mild to moderate skin laxities for cosmetic purposes. The treatment works by tightening the loose skin and also stimulates fibroblasts to boost collagen production around the placed threads which creates a rejuvenating and volumizing effect. When this treatment is performed in the submental area, a pointed chin and a smooth, well-defined jawline (i.e. a V-line face) can be easily attained. The procedure is safe, simple, and quick but its effect is temporary i.e. lasts for about 1-3 years.

In a thread lift treatment for double chin, first, the patients are asked to recline and their chin area is applied with an alcohol and numbing cream to prepare them for further procedure. Next, dissolvable suture materials (i.e. medical threads) are inserted into the targeted areas of the chin using a thin needle or a cannula. These barbed threads are placed in the subcutaneous fat layer and pulled tight to provide a subtle lift and tightening effect on the underlying muscles. Once this is done, the method of insertion is removed which results in a slight feeling of pressure or tightening effect beneath the skin.

Other treatments for managing double chin:

  • Laser lipolysis or Liposculpting - It involves the use of laser light to thermally destroy the fat cells and remove the melted unnecessary fat by using vacuum suction. The primary advantage of undergoing this treatment is that it also administers localized skin tightening. This is because the heat generated from laser light can constrict the skin and promote collagen synthesis. This is a minimally-invasive procedure performed through small incisions under the chin. 
  • Cool sculpting- In this treatment, cold temperatures are diligently applied to freeze and kill the adipocytes of the submental area.  

To know more about the cost of double chin treatment in Bangalore, consult with the skin experts at DNA Skin Clinic.


Q.1 What are the natural ways to reduce double chin?

Ans. People can try to reduce their double chin first at home. The extra fat build-up in the submental area can be burnt by some regular exercises that make the muscles work around the double chin. These include-

  • Slow rolling or rotation of the necks
  • Sticking the tongue as far as possible (just like a yawning lion) for 10 seconds and repeat it.
  • Pressing or pushing down on the chin with or without squeezing a ball placed under the chin.  
  • Extending out of the lower jaw forward and holding it. 
  • Chewing of gums
  • Puckering of lips to kiss the sky while the head is tilted backward to look at the ceiling.

If a person daily exercises their full body i.e. has both cardio and strength training, the lower chin can be greatly reduced and help improve general health. The efforts of exercises can be supported with the use of face masks like coffee, green tea, and glycerine masks or masks made of a combination of honey, lemon juice, and eggs that work to tighten the skin more. 
Another way to get rid of the extra chin is to focus on the nutritional intake in the daily diet. It is recommended that people must cut down on fried and processed foods as well as those rich in sugar, calories, and unhealthy fat content to reduce body weight as well as eliminate some amount of submental fat. 

Q.2 How quickly do Kybella injections provide results?

Ans. Generally, the results of Kybella injections become evident after around several weeks of the treatment. 

Q.3 Are there any risks or side effects of getting Kybella injections?

Ans. The most common side effects of receiving Kybella treatment for double chin reduction are bruising, swelling, and numbness of the injection site. Some people may report other side effects which rarely occur such as:

  • Trouble swallowing
  • Weakness of the facial muscles
  • Nerve injury in the jaw
  • Abnormal contours of the lower face

Q.4 Can the double chin be removed on its own?

Ans. Maybe. Some individuals have double chins because of weight gain so they can notice a reduction in their double chins in correlation to their weight loss journey. However, many people struggle to get rid of the double chin through diet and exercise and would require treatment.

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